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If you're looking for quality home cleaning services that think out the bucket, look no further. We've been committed to being the best at what we do, not just by meeting client expectations, but by exceeding them.

Creative Cleaning provides affordable and professional cleaning services. Our domestic cleaning service operates with high values and great customer satisfaction.

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Our Pricing

Prices below are a general idea of cleaning costs of the smallest scale. To get an accurate estimate, please contact us for a hassle free quote on our contact page.

Hourly Rates

hourly rates

Our hourly rates start at the price shown above and are determined by how big the area to be cleaned is and what type of cleaning needs to be done.

Weekly Rates

weekly rates

Weekly rates start at the price shown above and are based on the same criteria as hourly rates but works out a little cheaper in the long run.

Monthly Rates

monthly rates

Monthly rates start at the price shown above and are kind of like a bundled rate which works out cheaper than hourly and weekly rates

NOTE: Prices are subject to change

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